Hi! I'm Anita, the creator and doodler of "anitadoodles". I'm an architect, daydreamer, and casual crafter living in San Francisco. You can find me doodling on my Ipad, surrounded by a beautiful mess of ink pens, brushes, watercolors, and post it notes.

I started drawing at an early age, even selling my drawings in a three-ring binder on the playground. My love for drawing continued in architecture school, where I learned how to convey ideas and emotions through imagery. When I graduated from school and started working at architecture firms, I realized i didn't draw as much, or rather, didn't have that passion as I once did. It wasn't until I completed my architecture exams in 2016 that I found time and a renewed love for drawing.

Nowadays, I draw when I'm stressed, I draw to make people happy. I love to see the joy in people's faces when they see my illustrations.